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Methodical Media was born from the idea of bringing modern, results driven and scalable marketing to small business and personal brands around across the UK and Ireland.

We give small businesses access to a world class marketing team focused on generating leads and selling their products and services everyday.

For personal brands we specialise in creating, producing, and distributing content at scale with a focus on building your fan base and monetising this fan base through sponsorships and business partnerships.

Core to the success of both small businesses and personal brands online, is their website. For this reason we build 'content ready' websites designed to create a steady flow of leads or build deeper connections with fans.

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What our clients say

Cecelia Ahern

Best-selling Author

My passion has always been writing and most days I just want to lock myself away and write with no distractions. This was becoming increasingly difficult with social media and a growing fan base. Thankfully a friend referred me to Methodical Media and from day one they dealt with those distractions so I could continue to do what I enjoyed the most, writing.

For my company a modern content driven website combined with a steady flow of leads for my sales team are core to my businesses success. I was finding both difficult, until I contacted Methodical Media. They built me a brand new content ready website with a a number of lead mechanisms. I now have an online presence to be proud of and my sales team always have leads to contact.

Michael Osborne

Business First Network



I was finding it difficult to find the time to manage all of my social channels, produce content for each one and reply to my fans, all while trying to focus on my music and song writing. Bringing Methodical Media on board was a great decision. They deal with all of the day to day social media and content for me, so I can focus on my career.

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